What Manufacturers wants in an ERP Solution or Software?

Want to invest in ERP software? It undoubtedly requires in depth planning and brain storming session with the concerned persons so that its implementation brings in desired results to the organization.

As a manufacturer when you plan to incorporate ERP solution in your business, you certainly aim to use system of integrated applications to manage the business by automating various business functions at one single core. A robust ERP system should have a lot of your needs taken care of without costly customization.a
With huge investments come expectations and demands and any manufacturer will want the following things their ERP solution should perform:

1. Returns in tune to investment: ERP results in huge investment but considering its benefits, it is wise to care more about functionality and ease of use of an ERP solution than its impact on the wallet. All the manufacturers certainly want to be sure that the capiReturns in tune to investmenttal invested in ERP software is well spent. So while evaluating costs manufacturers may find that ERP solutions have features they do not need and so not worth paying. Just weigh the costs against what you are getting to find if your choice is perfect or not.

2. InteIntegration of essential datagration of essential data: The main purpose of ERP is to integrate all vital data at one common core. Such attribute for a set of programs and applications that work together seamlessly has many benefits viz. Employees can easily track the data required for decision making, decision makers can make use of integrated suite as one stop shop for actionable data that serves as organization record etc. Any manufacturer will expect the ERP software that provides integration capabilities to retain the feeling of the centralized source.

scalable ERP solution3. Scalable ERP solution: As present business scenario is changing rapidly any manufacture will expect ERP system to evolve along with evolving and growing business. As organizations make additions to business units, products and processes they expect their ERP system to reflect those changes to the business quickly, economically and without any disruption. What is expected of ERP is that it has the capacity to scale and change with business. It should be flexible and configurable. It should not be one-size-fits all proposition but it can be tailored around growing needs of business.

4. Align with objectives: A good ERP solution must align with business objectives. Every business has its own set of objectives so it is expected that the solution should aid the manufacturer to reach their objectives and goals. In other words, ERP is looked by manufacturers as tool to reach their goals. So, with clear business objectives; manufacturers can corner appropriate functionality and features among umpteen numbers of ERP solution options.

Cost reductions5. Cost reductions: With ERP one gets single source of real time information and manufacturer expects ERP software to reduce administrative and operations costs.

6. Manage operations: Manufacturers expects ERP to manage operations, prevents disruptions and delays, breaks up information and log jams thus aiding them to make quick decision making.

Streamline process7. Streamline process: Business operations are becoming complex day by day and ERP manufacturing software automates all business operations, providing accurate real time information. ERP increases efficiency and productivity by helping users sail complex process, preventing data re entry and enhancing functions such as production, order completion and delivery.

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