How important is Evaluation of the ERP Implementation for steel industry?

Enterprise resource planning has become the boon for all the manufacturers of various industries. It has with its state of art benefits become the integral part of any production system. With the help of ERP the entire process can be integrated to one central point.

ERP for steel industries has become vital aspect as it aids in coordinating and augmenting vital elements such as product planning, material sourcing, product development etc. ERP is core method that enables the steel industries to effectively synchronize their supply chain and elevate the information transparency.

Huge investments and complexities involved in ERP implementation makes it difficult to switch over to another ERP. So there should be intelligent process of evaluating ERP software.

Any ERP should be evaluated on the following fronts:

  • It should provide full fledged visibility into all the vital processes across various departments of an organization. It should in fact give bird’s eye view of all the works of varied departments to the senior management personnel. full fledged visibility into all the vital processes
  • ERP in a steel industry should aid in automatic and coherent flow of work from one department to another so that smooth and unhindered transition of the process is materialized which results in swift completion of the task. One can also ensure that all the inter department activities are tracked perfectly and not even a single one is missed out.
  • A total and single reporting system can be obtained to analyze the status viz. real time performance across all the functional departments. reporting system
  • ERP should integrate various departments viz. Finance, HRD, Manufacturing, supply, Marketing etc into one central footing with the help of its various modules like Finance, Supply, HRD module incorporated in the system.
  • Important criteria to evaluate ERP implementation is whether it is capable of storing data through centralized back up or storage facility.
  • Any ERP should be able to track and trace all and any transactions happening through ERP systems easily and in just a single click.
  • ERP system that provides good company wide visibility ensures faster and better collaboration of all the activities and understanding across all the departments.
  • Other systems like bar code reader etc should be synchronized with the help of ERP.
  • Any organization implements ERP for ease and swift transpiring of the work and the ERP systems that eases the vital process like order tracking, inventory tracking, sales forecasting, revenue tracking is the appropriate one that is implemented.
  • With the business taking the shape of global scenario, the ERP software should aid in managing the globally dispersed enterprise organizations easily and in a professional and better manner.

If the ERP that is implemented stand tall in all the aspects covered above then it is the appropriate one for the organization else there is high need to change or modify the software.

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