Criteria of Selecting ERP Software Manufacturing Solution

ERP Software Development CompanyCornering perfect ERP software manufacturing solution is vital as any decision regarding selection of ERP software will have a long lasting effect on the operational and financial performance of the company.

Some of the vital points that are needed to be taken into consideration are:

• Selection of vendor: Experience and expertise are the two main attributes on the basis of which the vendors of ERP software are to be selected. Vendors with good experience can aid the organization in cornering perfect ERP solution in sync to their needs and requirements. Good vendor will make rock bottom research about your entire set up before recommending ERP solution for your organization.

• Selection of the product: Choose the ERP solution product that exactly fits your business and the industry. It makes no sense to force fit the ERP solution instead it is better to short list software systems that most easily fit to company’s distinctive process.

• Solution must be in sync with company’s technology: It is advisable to select the solution that is closely in tandem with the company’s technology strategy. See to it that the company has sufficient IT resources to handle the propose systems.

• Able to meet functionality needs: Even though there are stand alone solutions manufacturing software packages in the market, the best manufacturing solutions are tightly synchronized into a centralized ERP system. Your ERP solution must be able to meet the functionality needs for manufacturing like material requirements, product sourcing, inventory management, quality control, product life cycle etc.

• Evaluate costs with TCO and ROI: While finalising ERP budget evaluate Total cost of ownership (TCO) and Return on investment (ROI). These two aspects are vital as they provide impact on the overall profitability and   optimum benefit derived from the ERP solution.

Other aspects like vendor references, weighing the cloud versus premise decision etc play important role in selecting ERP software manufacturing solution.

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